Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Couldn't Do It!

Hi Everyone! 
It's been a busy six months of auctions, working on the booth at DuPre's, working at work during the week, and fun weekend trips.  Oh, not to mention my newest rescue project.

I found this gorgeous portrait by Dorothy Gay Poole at an auction recently.  After pricing her to take to the store, I just couldn't do it!  She's hanging in my bedroom and is just perfect there.

Love her!
And here's little Lulu.  She first appeared last fall with a litter of kittens, but eluded me when I tried to trap all of them.  Fast forward nine months and there she was again with another litter.  When she walked past me in the yard, I told her, "If you bring me your kittens, I'll help you."  Two days later, she did.  I begged the vet to find homes for the kittens.  I should have tried to find another home for Lulu, too, but after all she's been through I just couldn't do it.  She is living a good life in what has become my cat resort.

Because she was exposed to feline diseases that are common in the stray cat community, Lulu is in month four of a six month quarantine.  Because she's much more like a dog than a cat, she happily spends time with the others on her leash or in her stroller.

Yep, she's very easy-going and fun to play with!  :-)

If I can find a pink shark costume, my next purchase will be a rumba.  I'm sure she will hop right on!
Trips to the beach and New Orleans this summer were lots of fun!
Now I'm focusing on making jewelry, painting furniture and getting ready for Christmas at DuPre's.
I hope you are all having a wonderful fall!



Curtains in My Tree said...

littlw lulu is sweet and a very lucky kitty
I hope all her babies found as good as home as she did

Unknown said...

That is an amazing portrait and frame

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