Sunday, April 3, 2011

~ Looking Through My Dirty Windshield ~

On my way home from work I noticed this really cute truck on 17th Street . . .

And started paying attention to other things that I drive by every day. 

I love the dogs in the Atlantic Station park.

How pretty is this Wisteria?

If walls could talk.  (Behind the Target off 17th Street.)

Richard Blais'restaurant on Howell Mill Road.

Old signs on Marietta Blvd. . . . on their way to retirement.

Urban art on Chattahoochee Avenue?

I wish I had a picture of this spot the day I passed by a rap video being filmed.

How did I never notice this before at Pappy Red's BBQ on Chattahoochee Avenue?!

The monument at Atlantic Station is a pretty site on the way home.

What's right outside your window?

Have a happy week.


P.S.  I would love to have the aqua truck!!


Julie said...

Hi Lulu
Lovely blog,
I would love to have a aqua truck too. So adorable.


Suzanne said...

So funny, that truck is just like the one I drove in High School. My dad bought it the year before I was born and I thought I was going to absolutely die of embarassment having to drive it when I was a teenager. He still has it, and lately I've been thinking about stealing it back. Ironic how things come full circle...

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