Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~ Retail Therapy ~

Shopping, anyone?

Happy Wednesday.



designchic said...

So many beautiful things...love the urns and antique books!!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I want it all!! Happy Wednesday to you too. x

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Oh how fabulous! I just love that
pillow with the aqua writing! I
could see that in my condo! The
chair in the first picture is like
one I saw in France for sale, it
broke my heart I could not bring
it home! Wonderful things!

Thank you for the post!

Flora Doora

Jilly said...

Birds are seated on your plates. These all are very antique collection in your collection. I like that pillow with the aqua writing.solicitors scotland

JAMMAN said...

Everything is gorgeous. I love your new space. All your pieces are so pretty and displayed beautifully. I love so many items, especially the canisters, pillow with acqua printing, and gold trays.

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