Thursday, August 25, 2011

~ Stakeout ~

I'm obsessed with finding my mother's neighbor's cat.  The poor little guy escaped almost a month ago and hasn't been seen since.  I've done several late evening drive-bys hoping to catch a glimpse, but no luck.

So, tomorrow, I'm doing a stakeout.  I just stopped by the grocery store for the stinkiest fish I could find and am planning to grill it after dark.  I'm optimistic that he will not be able to resist and will find the courage to come out of hiding to eat.

If you think about it tomorrow evening, please send us some good thoughts so we can have a happy ending.

Happy weekend.



under spanish moss said...

Good luck...we hope you find your mom's lost cat! We'll be thinking about you.
Angela and Renee

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I will be sending good vibes over the ocean for you! Sweet picture. x Sharon

chateaudelille said...

Good luck. hopefully all goes well!

Pamela said...

So glad he found his way back home!! Loveing your blog!

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