Saturday, August 14, 2010

~ My Pink Suitcase is Packed ~

I'm packing my pretty pink suitcase and jetting over to Paris . . .

. . . to spend a month in le Turenne, a beautiful apartment in the Place des Vosges district of  Marais.  The weekly rent for this two bedroom flat is a reasonable $2,500.

Okay, I'm dreaming again.  But this gorgeous apartment is for rent.  Maybe one day . . .

Have a wonderful weekend.
Dream a little.


chateaudelille said...

I would love to stay there too. I'm joining you in the dreams...many thanks Fiona

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

LoL , I was getting so jealous! It is beautiful.

Marie Söderberg said...

oh yes adorable apartment..

Winchester Manor said...

Oh what a fabulous dream! You know....dreams come true! What amazing photos, now you got me dreaming too. Have a fabulous day Sweet Friend!!


SeaGal said...

Oh I love this.. and the apartment, but mostly your wonderful sence of humor. ;-)

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