Friday, July 2, 2010

~ Feeling a Connection ~

I have found some amazing things at estate sales recently.  I pretty much stalked my favorite estate sale hosts for months because they use pieces that haven't sold in previous sales as filler pieces.  My persistence finally paid off and I became the proud owner of many wonderful pieces of French furniture at prices I could afford.

The bedside table and artwork are estate sale treasures.

When I finally moved a pair of bedside tables (above) to the guest bedroom earlier this week, I was shocked when this photo fell out.  I felt a connection to the people in the photo because they belonged to the beautiful pieces that I am so happy to have.

A few months ago I found some unusual china pieces at the estate sale warehouse (yes, owned by the subjects of my stalking).  I remember that I gasped when I saw this handwritten note on the bottom of a piece that detailed it's history. 

Fast forward to today.  I went to an estate sale in a beautiful neighborhood bright and early this morning, prepared not to find anything great.  To my delight, the house had wonderful things.  Lots of French country furniture, art pieces, dishes, books . . . you name it.  I realized that I had to quickly stake my claim on the treasures I had to have since the house was filling up with shoppers.  As I hurried to take my first trip through the house, I noticed two teenagers sitting quietly in the den, watching everyone.  I had to stop and ask.  Is this your house?  Is this really hard for you to watch?  As it turned out, it was their grandparents' house.  Their grandfather had just passed away and the family was moving their mother to be closer to family.  I already appreciated the beautiful things that I was about to acquire, but seeing these kids made everything so personal.  I actually got a little choked up when I sincerely told them that their grandmother's beautiful things would become treasures to other people.  And then someone pushed past me to tell their mother that the five dollar flower stems were overpriced, and she would give her a dollar.

This French print that I found today is beautifully framed.

Also from the sale today, this is a signed and numbered etching!

So, I am home with my treasures.  I really do appreciate where they have been and what they meant to someone.  And now what they mean to me.

Have a wonderful weekend with family and friends.



Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Lulu, I love everything you found!
What great stories to go along with
them. Thank you for sharing!

Flora Doora

Kelly said...

I think the pieces you brought home deserve to be with you since you appreciate their history so much. That should make the original owners proud to know how you love them and cherish their past. Love your new finds!

laney said...

...bless you for having such a tender and understanding heart...and for taking the time to speak to these young may have found lovely treasures...but what you gave away to these grandchildren was priceless...may we all remember your thougthfullness each time we enter someone else's home that is being dismantled...

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I LOVED this post! "Post Of the Day" for sure for me. I have never gone to one of those sales, I rarely go to yard sales either. They are just too persoanl for me and I am so picky about the things I buy, that I fear making someone uncomforable ... namely "ME". But your post has made me feel differant about that. thanks

Julie said...

OMG.. I love all your finds. I Shall look for local paper for estate sale. my things to do on the weekend. Thank you for the inspiration.


charmaine said...

That's what I love about finding old treasures, sometimes you are blessed to learn the history of where they came from and you find yourself becoming more attached. Kind of like the next Stewardship being passed down to you. I cherish my things this way. I think it's healthy and it shows appreciation. Love this story, very touching! Your new finds are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

God Bless,

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