Sunday, April 25, 2010

~ Market Day ~

I've posted a lot of pictures of the shoppe in the past few weeks (sorry), but there have been lots of exciting changes in the store that I wanted to share.  I'm finally settled into my new booth and am ready for Market Day coming up on Saturday.

I hope you will stop by One of a Kind in Marietta on May 1st for some great sales, food and fun!

I had an amazing day Thursday at my favorite estate warehouse sale.  The only problem is that I want to keep most of these great finds for the cupboard I am convinced I will find for my dining room wall.  Oh, and I was really bad.  I finally bought two marble topped French side tables that I have had my eye on for the past few months.

My next challenge will be to decide what style mirror to put on the wall behind my sofa.  I'll need your help!  I'm looking for inspiration pictures and will share them soon.  I posted this picture already, but its very similar to my living room.  My choices will be a super large wrought iron mirror with antique glass or an ornate leaning Louis Phillipe. 

Have a wonderful week.



Shara said...

Your booth is even more impressive in person!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Oh I wish I could! How beautiful!


lisajayne365 said...

So you are a dealer in an antiques store? Me too! Is that what you call it? "dealer in an antiques store" It sounds so fuddy-duddy to me. I'm trying to think of a new term for it.

I love your pictures - so pretty. I found you through your comment on The Curious Sofa Diaries. I want to go to your Estate Sale place - we don't have many of those out here in CA!

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