Saturday, March 13, 2010

~ Signature Style ~

Last week, Vicky from Room Service ~ Decorating 101 challenged her readers to define their personal style in five words.  Here are mine:  antique, French~European, enchanting, lovely and eclectic.  Vicky is always thought provoking and inspiring.  Today she suggested that one's personal style can be illustrated by those objects that they always use or display (discounting major furniture pieces) regardless of other changes to the home.  She challenged her readers to post pictures of the things in their home that define their personal style.

Always up for a challenge, I clicked a few pictures.  These are the things that were in my old house five years ago, survived the move and a change to a lighter pallet in my new house, have never seen the inside of a closet, and (aside from my kitties) are probably the things I would grab in case of a fire. 

Here goes:

This antique dress form moved from my old bedroom to my current bedroom.

Antique linens are a consistant theme in all my bathrooms.

I love old books and boxes and have them in several rooms.

Loving all things white, I find bright whites and pops of color breathtaking.  But I tend to live with warmer whites with pops of bright white.  That's where my antique oil paintings come in.  

This coral and shell display and hand colored antique botanical was transported from my old living room to my new living room and hasn't moved in five years. 

Finally, I can't live without white dishes.  I replaced my cabinet doors so I could see them.  To me, the simplicity is so pretty.

So let me know if you agree with my five words:  antique, French~European, enchanting, lovely and eclectic; and head over to Room Service ~ Decorating 101 and take Vicky's challenge. 

Have a great weekend!



LuluD said...
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Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

wonderful!!!!!! I am so happy to leave you a comment! 5 stars

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