Saturday, January 9, 2010

~ I Should Be at the Mart ~

It's 15 degrees in Atlanta and there is ice on the road. I should be at my first interiors market at the Mart, not to mention Scott's Antique Market. All my favorite bloggers are there. I know, I've read your posts! But, after escaping winters in Buffalo, the last thing I want to do is freeze to death in a car that skids off the road in the deep South.

What better to do with my time (cleaning was the less favorable option), than to do my first blog post. (LOL: I need help.) A year ago, I didn't know what a blog was until my friend sent me links with ideas for curtains from Style Court and picture walls from Things That Inspire. I was hooked!

One thing led to another. I posted a desperate plea to Joni (Cote de Texas) and Brooke (Velvet & Linen)on my Rate My Space picture for advice on my dining room dilemma. Joni responded with a great idea. Thanks, Joni!

Then, I found a vintage portrait of a lady who looked like she belonged in the portrait family I had started on Paris Hotel Boutique. Lynn was great. She posted a blog on this new "Instant Family."

I couldn't have been more surprised and thrilled in October when Melanie from My Sweet Savannah noticed my rooms on Rate My Space and did a blog called "This Home Takes the Cake." Unbelievable! (Did I mention that the same friend who introduced me to blogs did the same for Rate My Space a year earlier?) Melanie showed my portraits again in a later post on vintage portraits.

The path of serendipity continued. I realized that the beautiful lady portrait was out of scale for my house. But, since she was now a member of the "family," she couldn't be sold on the Internet. Which leads me to my current venture and a path I have always dreamed about ~ owning my own store (actually I dreamed of shopping for my own store). On November 1st, I opened a booth in an antique, interiors and gift shop. My goal was to sell those treasured items that no longer reflect my current style or simply didn't fit into my house ~ while finding resources for merchandise that will reflect my style now. The shop already looks totally different, but here it is on opening day.
I am off to a good start. Last month I purchased wonderful antique pressed Swedish herbs from a vendor at Scott's, along with some great finger sponge, cluster coral, and sea fans. I am having pendant lights made from distressed woven wrought iron baskets, and am reupholstering a beautiful 19th century painted arm chair that I found at an estate sale along with a vintage painted wrought iron and glass tea cart. And, another wonderful vintage portrait from Michelle Renee's Etsy store has been added to the shop. (I sense some competition between the classy blond and the sultry brunette.)

I am going to have a table like this made since I can't find one. Eventually, I think my niche will be custom work and antiques.

Yes, I should be at the Mart and Scott's! But the temp. is now only up to 25 degrees. Rome wasn't built in a day. I can use this time to figure out how to edit a blog, because right now, I don't have a clue.
If you are in the Atlanta area, come see all the great shops at One of a Kind at 783 Whitlock Avenue in Marietta.
Stay warm!

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Rosemary said...

Lulu, congratulations on your new blog. You are off to a great start. Your taste is inspiring, and I have no doubt you have been to Paris many times to have acquired such a flare for European decor and design. You are a natural. Thank goodness Rome was not built in a day, as I look forward to many hours of scrolling and dreaming my way through Belle Francaise Interiors.

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